Brothers, Sisters and Friends!!!

sshh!!! Can’t you hear the ranting of stories by those needy, afraid yet creepy and saddist eyes??? Try harder, may be, you need to pin your ears on her voice…trembling, quietened by society, yet she wants to speak, and speak her heart out. She sees things, happy things, yet observes the deep apathy deeply buried in it, hidden from common gaze. These are common stories, so common that we hardly notice anymore, that we hardly feel or hardly care to bother about such petty matter cause ITS NOT ABOUT US!

She is struggling to escape from the curse disguised in boon’s closet to see these common things people stopped caring about, struggling to get a normal life back again.  But she isn’t trapped in the sad version of life, she knows how to find happiness in the slightest of things, she questions, answers and longs for more. She can be the funniest as well as the most serious,confused and at times what not!!!

Lets just peep into her head, through this portal. Say what?!?

Happy surfing… ❤