Yes, I am a troubled child..troubled child full of mental disorders.. i self harm, i am bipolic and all stuffs, normal people term maniac..

but the greatest irony, i wasn’t born with these disorders, i acquired them.. acquired them from the society, friends, social sites, family and most importantly you love. i have trouble sharing my feelings with people around me, i talk extra, beat around the bush.. my cuts speak more than my lips do but i wasn’t always like this.

its easy to blame others for our own shortcomings, but what we forget is the depth to which we hurt someone else by blaming other people.. i accept i have done wrong, been bad, i admit all my faults as a doing of my own but among all these faults, my greatest mistake was trusting you…

change is necessary to evolve, but its just too hard for some people to understand the aftereffect of these random changes on the people around them…oh boy, these emotions can be so complex at times that even trying to type them down seems shitting around..just need some time to gather myself again and compose a new self and dignity…gotta take my time off.. 😦


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