Every step that I take,download-10

eventually turns into a mistake

but deeper,still deeper into me

you’ll find a weak,frightened and fragile ‘she’,

whom people forgot, as days passed by,

all that remains is her silent cry

getting lost,dying every second,images-36

tired to live, tired to pretend.

Lost and alone, she wishes to die

and now she takes laboured breathe and sigh.

Frightened of the whole world around her,

she wants to run away far, very far,

where her imperfections will not made be fun off,

no people to judge, no people to scoff.

She wants to live the way she wantsphoenixsecrets-boris

far from nevers, don’ts and can’ts.

She wants to live, wants to be free,

again happy, full of life and spree.

But in her heart, she knows, its all in vain.

She can never be whole again.

Buried she now, deeper into me,

struggling to rise, to get to the key.

She is a phoenix, she rises from her ashes;

habituated to dominations and smashes.

But oneday, I’m sure, she’ll find her way out,

look to the world behind, pose and poy.

Thats the time people will notice me,

the Bold, Beautiful and Winner she!!!



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