I think its okay to lose sometimes. But whats worst is that the world doesn’t remember your hard work you have put into it, or the desire with which you wanted to achieve it. Its tough when you see your dream crumbling before your eyes which you might have sewed with so much care and love and passion. it surprises me, how the world moves on leaving you alone to lament your loss but while you are successful or win in life how they cheer your name out. its tough how people change depending on the entry of new persons in their life. sometimes its feels so tough to hold on when you don’t see the least reason to hold on,when you have all the good reasons to let go, when your heart says there isn’t any hope and yet there is a small ray of light saying in your mind hold on for yourself.

I am a stupid girl who have always tried to justify myself on what others think,fine not others but some of the people that matter. but stupid that i am, somewhere between the hallucinated fake hope i forget that i don’t matter to those people. i know, people lose, what hurts more is when your closest people lose faith in you… I don’t know what to write more when I have an ocean of feelings storming my head and no proper word to describe it perfectly


2 thoughts on “Loser???”

  1. Thank you for sharing something so personal, hopefully it was healing for you. Losing is not always, and rarely is a bad thing. My 13 year old daughter just had a hard time because she tried for Jr varsity soccer and didn’t make it. I told her to be proud because she tried so hard and did her best. It just wasn’t the right time. Just because you lose at something DOES NOT make you a loser. It makes you stronger and helps you improve. It may even make you realize that what you were striving for just wasn’t meant to be because there was something else waiting for you to excel at. Never let go of hope and the fact that you are strong and beautiful no matter what. Do not worry what others think. Fake it til you make it! If you project that you’re a strong bad a$$, then you will be!

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