That Unsent letter-2

And there, I see you standing so tall,holding her by the shoulder. My heart sighed at the scene, but alas, I couldn’t dare to look directly at you. I somehow managed to steal a glimpse of the so perfect creature God ever created.

I remember how last year, we stood together, gossiped,chatted away freely, how
you waited eagerly for my messages and now, like complete strangers, we don’t even bother to reply each other, rather you don’t.Sometimes, I wonder to myself, how can a wall of misunderstanding grow so deep and tall  as to shake all of the foundation of a feeling so sublime as love itself that ever existed between us? What happened,where did we go wrong? Cause even today,I still hope, you would come smiling to me and wish me morning before the class starts.. No, I am not expecting from you. Human nature,they learn from mistakes, hence I don’t expect from you anything, anymore. But yet again, the canopy of human nature covers all the wisdom and logic of my brain and compels me to hope again, to hope  that you will understand one day and may be return.

I know you are happier, with me no more in your life, but a feeling of fulfillment governs my heart and with it comes eternal void as if something close to me is missing. It may be the addiction, you bound me with. While you walk away, walking, and laughing with your friends, the thoughts that cloud my mine are only those that gifted by you and I can’t help but steal a look at you. I wanna read your mind someday but I am afraid at my heart cause I can assume what you might me thinking doesn’t even include me. I wish only you could know, how much I miss you… 😦

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