That Unsent letter.

images-3Dear love,

And yet again when I need you,I find myself alone in the darkness. And yet again when I need you to hold my hand and guide me through this harsh world, I find myself miserably alone, alienated.

And now, even if we meet, we try to ignore each other. You ignore by choice and I, without any other option.

I often stare at you, blankly remembering the old good times we spent with each other, when I knew you were my support and my backbone. I know you have caught me seeing you many times……but all we end up is looking away.May be none of us wanna admit defeat. I fall to pieces seeing how you have moved on in your life. I hate it when I remember how stupid I was to believe when you said you are addicted to me..I overlooked may be intentionally, that addictions can be given up..I so should have waited to be your necessity.

Yes, I wanna trust you again, hold your hand, cling to your arm, do all that we discussed. The late night calls were my saviour, my strength to work harder the next day, to make you feel proud of me.

And here I am, not lamenting, trying to stay strong even when I am defeated, not by any enemy lines but by a person whom I someday had submitted completely. Now even when you pass by me, I have no right to look straight up at you, to call you or talk to you like others can and back then I believed it when you said, I had entire right on your time..I miss you, I miss those days and I know somethings in life are never meant to stay.

All this unsaid feelings get accumulated day by day in my sunken heart, hoping you will notice them one day again…I have to move on..We all have to,but may be I will meet you again in life. May be in some other form…..May be in a less awkward situation than this…..

yours forever,

defeated warrior.


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