Moving on.

The phases, days, hopes and dreams,

like thousand voices in my mind scream.

The silence that engulfs me at heart

silence and darkness never part.

And yet, the silent voice of yours so deeply in my head embedded                                                   thousands of unnoticed tears shedded.

Thousand voices like eagles, vultures, scavengers more                                                                       not my flesh but veins of my heart tore.

The cuts on my body, grows deeper each day,

“only stupids trust”- they say.

I overlooked it was always a game for you,

and yet I struggled with chances so few.

I gave up waiting for you,gave up waiting for your call,

and now I see you across a crowded hall.

Yeah, she is beautiful, the girl, you sat next beside,

but it was me who stayed up at night and cried.

I wish to see you happy from far away,

cause there’s no chance, finally I gotta part my way…

the commoner

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