Daddy’s Girl

I remember the day, he came to know about me.

The Commoner

He jumped, he rejoiced, he exclaimed in glee.

I remember the name he decided for me,

it had a L, an U, an A and a P.

I remember the day I heard him tell you,

he would admit me to the best schools among few.

“The all boys’ school, the best in town,

my son will study there”, he said with an elevated frown.


I remember the day, you were pushing me out.

I remember your labor, your pain and shout.

And then I remember him sink down at my sight.

Disappointed eyes, head hung low, muscles tight.


And then I remember nothing, but blank,

when I woke up, I remember myself lying by a dirty tank.

A whole day had passed since, I was hungry and cold,

stray dogs licked me, I was incubated by the mould.

Last I remember, dozens of flies hovering my caracass,

eagles, vultures, jackals, digging into my bones and mass.


I fought to live, fought to survive,

but not far my premature body could strive.

A martyr’s farewell, from this world, where from men hail,

my only fault – I was born a female….







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